Men’s theft is more literal than we think.

“This sheds further light on the complete reversal and lie which is the idea that men maintain women financially so that women have to depend economically on them, explaining why they don’t leave. Well, the reality is worse, and men are far more parasitic than I even thought. The reality is that most women are most poor when living with a man, regardless of how rich or poor he may be, or regardless how rich or poor she was before she met him – he will rob her. “

radical wind

We often underestimate that many women do in fact have some amount of resources of our own. Even though we may be ourselves privately owned by a man, father or pimp and most of our work and production are stolen by men, whether with forced domestic and child raising work in the home, by slaving for husbands or other males of the family to sustain their businesses, the constant extra burdens of unpaid chores required from women in paid jobs or when men steal and exploit the products of our intelligence, findings, inventions, genius and creativity at work – many of us still manage to earn something of our own, even if it may be minimal: we may have some income, and if we’re lucky enough, we may have just enough money to be able to pay a small rent and food for ourselves, or we have some property, furniture…

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One thought on “Men’s theft is more literal than we think.

  1. Witchwind’s work is overall a little too absolutist for my taste. But this essay well describes what so many women experience at the hands of men. I would only add that we are socially conditioned to be giving and somehow blindly assume there will be reciprocity of some sort, while so many men are conditioned to feel entitled to having their needs met by women, to accept our gifts as their due.

    I’ve spent a great deal of my life tending to men and their enterprises, and it’s cost me a lot. And when I extricate myself from such, they inevitably slander me. So I have a lot of sympathy for this piece, while at the same time am not convinced that it accurately represents all heterosexual relationships, because I’ve seen evidence to the contrary.

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