QotD: ‘necessary sacrifices’

Anti-Porn Feminists

People often talk about the abuses endured by women and children in the sex trade and pornography as the price of a free society, implying that the lives of these people are a tragic but necessary sacrifice if we are to avoid totalitarianism, censorship and so on. My first reaction is always one of stunned outrage — it is so very evident that the people making the sad preachments about necessary sacrifices are never the ones who are being sacrificed, and the freedom about which they have such tender and righteous feelings does not extend to those who are enslaved to ensure it.

D. A. Clarke, Unleashing Feminism

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QotD: ‘Male violence against women is best enjoyed as guilt free as possible’

I’m sick of media highlighting male violence against women.

Anti-Porn Feminists

I am just not going to mollify anyone getting indignant about me outright stating that men are avid fans of male violence against women for entertainment. Men have no problem identifying with and rooting for misogynistic, abusive, rapist male characters, whether or not they are explicitly vilified in the narrative. Men love Game of Thrones and Vikings, they love getting their share of raped/abused/murdered women in crime dramas and trashy video games and pornography, because they’re “grim” and “realistic/based on a certain time period” and “reflect human nature” and “give men what they really want” and so on and so forth.

But when narratives involving MVAW demand accountability and mete out punishment upon men who rape and abuse women (see: rape-and-revenge films), suddenly portraying men as rapists and abusers is “unfair against men” and “not all men are like that.” Men always want to have it both ways. Dudes…

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