Radical Beyond Pronouns: On Gender Zombies, DGR, and Feminism

From Radical Beyond Pronouns: On Gender Zombies, DGR, and Feminism:

Ours is a sad era called patriarchy. Men have power over women. There’s no good reason for this; nothing natural about it.

Gender is a hierarchy, not a binary. Gender needs to be abolished, not reformed.

“Woman” is a political class. It’s made up of human beings who share the common condition of being exploited based on their biological sex and the common goal of liberation.

“Woman” is not a choice, but an imposed reality. Just like race and just like class.

Men who don’t feel like men don’t have the same experience of women who don’t feel like women. The former group is disavowing the spoils of their privilege, while the latter is seeking to escape their oppression.


Shared Girlhood

From Shared Girlhood by Smash

What is shared girlhood?

Shared girlhood is the idea that girls growing up under patriarchy are all oppressed based on their being treated as girls when they were younger.

For example, we’re told we exist to please men and be pretty, or we experience unwanted sexual harassment or contact, or we’re told to be small and eat less than boys.

There are obviously huge differences based on race, class, nationality, etc. But there is shared oppression based on sex.

When we grow up and become women, our experience as women is shaped by the way we were oppressed growing up.

Thus, growing up as girls is an important part of being a woman.





Women aged 15-44 are more likely to be injured or killed by male violence than from cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war combined

From Prostitution, Liberalism, and Slavery, by Melissa Farley

“In rape cultures, the sexual terrorism of rape and prostitution are downplayed, underestimated, or denied… Rape cultures normalize the objectification and commodification of women as sex and blame victims for their own victimization. The global finding that women aged 15-44 are more likely to be injured or killed by male violence than from cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war combined – only makes sense when understood as a result of cultural acceptance of sexual violence.”


Another male “feminist” talking down to women about just what it is that they are doing “wrong”

From The myth of the leftist, feminist, anti-racist, elitist by Michael Laxer, Feminist Current

The sheer idiocy of a wealthy straight male (or any male of any kind) telling women how they should frame the language of their own liberation movement, however, did not prevent large numbers of liberal men (and, of course, some women) like CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning host Matt Galloway on air, from gushing over it, thrilled, apparently, to see yet another in a long line of alleged male “feminists” talking down to women about just what it is that they are doing “wrong” that men could tell them how to do better.

Like abandoning the very term feminism for starters.


To objectify a man would be to remove his power

From:  “A magazine for everybody” is a magazine for men by Meghan Murphy via Feminist Current 

“When there was a man in the photo, it didn’t totally work,” Prickett claims. Well no. Of course it “didn’t work.” We’re used to looking at women in this way, it makes us feel comfortable. To objectify a man would be to remove his power. That’s why it feels uncomfortable to us. We are accustomed to women portrayed as powerless.

Why do we not see that there is a war being waged against the female sex?

From Male Violence Affects Us All, by The Artic Feminist

Why do we hesitate to see male violence and the male sex caste for what they are?  Why do we not see that there is a war being waged against the female sex that has been going steady for thousands of years and that we are losing, badly?  Why do we not see that all women, no matter what they achieve are always under the threat of some man getting to define them (as victim) forever?  We desperately need to build communities that function away from men.  Refuges for our refugees.  We need to stop acting as if all of this is just a misunderstanding and get serious about putting an end to male violence, for good.